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Craftsman 16" 3.5 hp electric chain saw with auto-oiler

Our price: $49.95     (regular retail price: $99.99     recent discount price: $79.99)


Sears Craftsman™ 16” 3.5 hp electric chainsaw offers a powerful little chainsaw in a lightweight electric machine. The chainsaw is capable of some serious cutting with its 16” blade, yet the electric motor is much lighter than a comparable gasoline-powered chainsaw. The automatic chain oiler keeps the chain well lubricated and cutting efficiently, and the quick adjust chain-tension adjustment system keeps the chain tight around the chain bar as necessary to prevent chain damage or jumping off the bar. Of course one does have to be careful not to cut the electrical cord, but this electric model does offer some advantages over its gasoline-powered cousin.


The advantages of this electric model include:

  1. No gasoline to mix with oil or even load into the unit. No running out of fuel during the job nor trying to remember the exact gasoline-to-oil ratio this unit needs compared to the grass trimmer or other 2-cyle gasoline-powered yard tools (e.g., 50:1? 40:1? 20:1?).
  2. No residual gasoline left over in the tank to go bad from aging and to gum up the carburetor. This means that it’s practical to use this unit for just a few quick cuts without the mess and inconvenience of filling and then emptying the gasoline-powered model.
  3. The electric motor provides a noticeably lighter chainsaw than a comparable gasoline-powered unit. This is especially important for people that might find the heavier version tiring after a few cuts. With the electrically powered chainsaw, even us aging baby-boomers find this model easy to use throughout the day, trimming and cutting limbs on the small to intermediate size jobs around the yard.
  4. The light weight, always ready to run no-mess convenience of this powerful little electric chainsaw makes it a hands down winner for small jobs around the house. It doesn’t replace the large, gasoline-powered models for big jobs, but it provides convenient cutting for most work around the home.


Buy it new from Sears or buy it lightly used here, either choice is a real winner. Read the manual for a quick guide to using this chainsaw and keep the electrical cord safely on the right side at all times. Work at a slow, comfortable pace and you’ll find that the extension cord doesn’t hold back the performance of this little giant.


One of our test units is for sale. We also have one smaller, 2.5 hp model for sale online (price: $39.95; recent discount price: $69.99). E-mail info@HarborFreightReviews.com for an invoice.


Craftsman 16" 3.5 hp electric chain saw with auto-oiler including the original box and a photocopied manual. Our price: $49.95 plus$14.95 shipping/handling (regular retail price: $99.99; recent discount price: $79.99). This item has been thoroughly tested and performs like new. We pay the sales tax for New York state residents!



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