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Surplus Test Items for Sale

 We offer lightly used evaluation items and store returns for sale online and occasionally at select weekend venues in the Northeast. Discounts generally range from 40 to 60% off retail prices depending on item condition and availability (50% being the nominal target level for most like-new or nearly new items). We strive to make the inexpensive even cheaper, thus allowing people to own even more great Harbor Freight products without cutting into their grocery (beer?) budget. All merchandise is purchased on the aftermarket or from a Harbor Freight retail outlet and not directly through any special Harbor Freight discount program or through any of its subsidiaries. This practice is to maintain independence from Harbor Freight Inc. and to help to ensure objectivity in review of their products. Most products are evaluation items, but a few are specially purchased for resale when available from merchandise liquidators at a substantial discount off retail prices. These items often have slight defects noted in their descriptions or are open box and store returns. Although most of these items are open stock at Harbor Freight, they are in limited supply from us and our ability to obtain more is strictly dependent on the availability of our aftermarket sources and their current wholesale/discount prices. (Like many of yourselves, we purchase only when the ‘price is right’ and therefore can never be assured of future availability of an item.)

Sears Products

Most people would agree that Sears Craftsman™ brand offers considerably higher quality tools overall, but many would also agree that Harbor Freight™ brands often offer considerable value-for-the-money. As discussed elsewhere on this website, Harbor Freight ‘quality’ is frequently adequate for the intended purpose of a tool and allows one to purchase specialized or duplicate tools at very affordable prices. There are cases, however, where the application merits the additional expense of a better quality tool and Sears Craftsman usually fulfills this requirement quite well. For this reason we have expanded our reviews and our related online sales to include select Craftsman products. Of course many other companies offer exceptional quality tools as well (e.g., Milwaukee), but they are well outside the realm covered here. A few small appliances from Sears’ Kenmore™ line are also included that have been extensively tested and reviewed.

Item Condition

Unless marked “for parts only,” all items are assumed to be in good working order except for a few that have specific problems indicated in the item listing (e.g., a missing component such as an auxiliary handle). Many of the items are open-box store returns or display models and some of the tools have the logo (e.g., “Craftsman”) defaced indicating that they are not normal retail store products. (Most likely Sears is attempting to prevent unscrupulous people from buying a new item and returning the used item for a refund. Harbor Freight uses a similar strategy, frequently marking their items with a triple-X indicating that it’s not returnable.) Most of the tools and small appliances have actually been tested and some received extensive testing for evaluation and review purposes. Manuals are included only if indicated but are generally available online. Shipping charges are additional, but we do pay the sales tax for New York state residents. (Click here to learn more about our NYS sales tax policy.)

Current Inventory

Items currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment include the following:


Craftsman 16" 3.5 hp electric chain saw with auto-oiler

SOLD     Our price: $49.95     (regular retail price: $99.99     recent discount price: $79.99)


Craftsman 12-volt Nextec lithium ion multifunction tool kit w/accessories plus charger

Our price: $49.95 (regular retail price: $99.99)


Craftsman 12-volt Nextec lithium ion hammerhead (without battery and charger)

Our price sold with above: $89.95 (sold separately: $49.95)


Craftsman quick change ¼” router bit

Our price: $8.49     (retail price: $14.99)


Craftsman tractor sun shade

SOLD     Our price: $54.95     (regular retail price: $109.99     recent discount price: $89.99)


Kenmore espresso maker

Our price: $99.95     (regular retail price: $199.99     recent discount price: $159.99)


Kenmore Elite 14-cup programmable coffee maker with stainless steel trim

Our price: $43.75     (regular retail price: $87.49     recent discount price: $69.99)


Kenmore conical burr grinder, programmable 12-cup coffee maker with stainless steel trim

Our price: $75.00     (regular retail price: $149.99     recent discount price: $119.99)


The above items are all test products that have been used any where from several days to several weeks for evaluation and review. They are complete with all main parts but may lack some accessories and most do not have manuals. Click on the item’s link for more information on specific products offered for sale and for the product reviews.

Shipping Charges

We generally ship at cost or near cost (i.e., shipping cost is estimated). Sometimes we make an extra dollar or two on shipping, while other times (seemingly more often) we loose a couple of dollars on shipping cost. Our profit, or in many cases our partial cost-recover, is in the selling price of the item, not in inflated shipping and handling charges. We combine shipping whenever possible, and we ship via the lowest cost method except for small items which are generally shipped USPS Priority Post. Our primary mission is reviewing Harbor Freight products and select products from other vendors.



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