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Pickup and Reach Tool #94870

02/22/09 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized, The Junk

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Pickup Tool
Item: 36" Pickup and Reach Tool
Item number: 94870
Best price: $1.49 (with coupon)
Item Link

Well, this one is certainly junk unless you intend on using it very, very rarely. I bought three, two for my handicapped wife and one for myself. I use mine for picking up occasional items that I drop behind hard to move furniture or the tool bench; my wife who can't walk much USED her frequently for reaching nearby objects as well as for picking up things dropped on the floor. Mine still works (used it three times inside and once for picking up yard debris) and hers broke within a day. I bought a fourth one, thinking perhaps she was a bit rough with hers and learned from her experience to treat the tool more gently--it still broke almost immediately.

The spring grasping mechanism is very stiff and requires some effort to get the device to open properly. The pick-up strength is adequate for light objects, but the grasping is tenuous at best. When used with any frequency (as in extended the reach of a handicapped person), this unit is lucky to make it through the day. A very disappointing purchase from Harbor Freight.:'(

Bottom Line: Trash is trash at any price. Save your money (remember, $1.49 can go a long ways at Harbor Freight) for something more interesting unless you have a special use for this item.

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