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Air Blow Gun with 2-ft. Extension

08/25/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Air Tools, Hot Buys

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Air Blow Gun with Extension
Item: Air Blow Gun with 2-ft. Extension
Item number: 35226
Retail price: $4.99
Frequent sale price: $2.99
Target price: $2.99
Best price: $1.99
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OK, I've used these long wands for cleaning automotive engines and other items with steam and even water, but I just didn't envision air being able to perform the same task. So why the long wand? Well, for cleaning things you wouldn't use steam or water to clean.:)) OK, that's a really obvious come-back, but seriously, what's this good for?

For most of our uses here at Harbor Freight Reviews this is simply a type of high-pressure air sweeper. Not a vacuum -- it blows the dust and debris out not sucks it up. We use it to clean the air handler filters on our HVAC, we blow away the saw dust from our compound sliding miter saw, bench sander, drill press, and other tools, and we reach those hard to sweep nooks and crannies throughout our shop. It's very good for work below your waist ;) -- getting the blow below your knees, thus saving you from bending over to reach low objects that need cleaning. In other words, getting the air to where you want it with minimal effort.

In our first edition of this product review, we're not going to elaborate on all the places where you might find this tool useful. Suffice it to say, try it at our target price and you'll probably find lots of uses around your own home or shop. We did and we only bought it originally because it was on sale very, very cheap at its best price.

Like all of your powerful long tools, enjoy using it but use it wisely. Remember that this tool is operating at a high air pressure that can not only dislodge particles that your vacuum cleaner can't suck but also propel some debris into the air. We are careful to set-back the air-pressure regulator on the compressor appropriately whenever cleaning filters and mindful of possible blow-back from injecting air into our various 'nooks and crannies.'

Bottom line: A useful tool at the right price and our target price is right. This is a good buy-it-to-try-it tool for anyone with an air compressor in their shop or garage.

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