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Lamp and Appliance Timer

09/04/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hot Buys, Lighting, Electrical, Security

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Mechanical Electrical Timer
Item: Lamp and Appliance Timer
Item number: 40148
Retail price: $5.99
Frequent sale price: $3.99
Target price: $3.99
Item link

We love this small 120VAC timer for its cost and simplicity. It has dual 120VAC outlets with a manual override switch. The on/off times are easily set in 15-minute intervals using push-down tabs. It's reliable and suitable for use with fluorescent lights including CFLs. This latter feature is especially important because electronic timers without mechanical relays cannot be used with fluorescent lights, except for the more expensive dimmable CFLs. The heavy-duty switch mechanism can handle up to 15 amps or 2,000 watts which is quite a bit of power for this small package.

We almost feel guilty setting our target price so low at $3.99. We actually thought that the normal retail price of $5.99 was fair, but hey, Harbor Freight sets the best-buy prices and we simply exploit the opportunities. :)

We use several of these timers for controlling fluorescent and LED plant lights. We also use these for back-up security lights, although most of our house lights used for security purposes are controlled by X10 circuitry which better emulates the 'lived in' look while away. At our target price of $3.99 these lamp and appliance timers are practically a giveaway.

Bottom line: A great little timer as cheap as you can find and not expect the plastic components to meltdown. Buy several at our target price and save money at Harbor Freight.

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