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Price Advisory: Electric Leaf Eater and Shredder

08/16/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hot Buys, Outdoor Living, Announcements


The Electric Leaf Eater and Shredder is Harbor Freight's "Deal of the Day" selling for our target price of $59.99. Print out their on-line ad (click here) and take it to your local Harbor Freight outlet. Many (most?) Harbor Freight outlets are honoring their on-line sales. I wouldn't expect to combine it with a 20%-off coupon, but hey, you never know.

If you decide to buy this item, be sure to read our online review (click here for the review). We had mixed feelings about this product but do see some merit in it. Try it out within the first 30 days so that you can return it if dissatisfied. Good luck and happy sa(i)ling.


Novel Uses

08/02/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Announcements, Novel Uses


Not being a carpenter, machinist, tradesman, or formally trained in the use of any of these items sometimes has its advantages. When browsing through Harbor Freight™ I often survey the shelves thinking, "I wonder what that's good for?”This sometimes leaves me thinking so far outside the box that I didn't even know that it normally comes in a box. And this can lead to discovering novel uses of an item, usually not very earthshaking but occasionally rather interesting.

To celebrate “thinking outside the box” a new category is added that explores novel uses for some Harbor Freight™ products. This category is provided to make it easier for those who like to browse these reviews. Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed, but occasionally you might just find an interesting idea, perhaps something even useful. Just click on “Novel Uses” found under Categories on the right-hand column and skim through the possible uses of various items that were not their original intended purpose. Be sure to click on “All” under Categories and “reset filters” to insure that your subsequent viewing will include all of the reviews and not just those from the “Novel Uses” category.


Notes for the Novice Shopper: Everything has three prices!

07/25/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hot Buys, Store Policies, HFR Forum User Guide, Announcements


This posting is still 'under construction,' so check back frequently for updates. Also see our Guide to Using this Discussion Forum.

This version was revised: 02 August 2010 03:57 EDT.

As the savvy Harbor Freight™ shopper already knows, everything has multiple prices. In fact, it's not unusual to find the same item selling for three or more different prices at the same time. (We refer to this as their triple-pricing policy.) It all depends on which coupon you have to redeem. And "Inside Track" members are reputed to get even better offers.

Even the savvy shopper occasionally comes to the store armed with the latest coupon only to find that the item is actually on-sale for less money than expected. Usually, the lower in-store sale price is honored. Also be aware that quite often the sale price is NOT posted on the shelves. Use the current sales fliers and coupons as your guide to special sale prices.

One of the most useful features of this discussion forum, and indeed our Harbor Freight Reviews website, is the price comparisons--we list the "regular retail price," usually a "frequent sale price," a "target price," and sometimes even a "best price" that has been found for the item within the past year. Keep in mind that the better prices are usually purchases made with coupons and even with a coupon applied to a deeply discounted sale item (see below). Part of the 'game' played by many Harbor Freight™ customers, including us at Harbor Freight Reviews, is to buy their products at the lowest possible price. The object is not just to fill your home shop with the most tools but to do so at the most economical price: "he with the most toys [assembled at the lowest cost] when he dies, wins!"

Buy ahead: anticipate your needs so that you can make use of Harbor Freight™'s frequent deeply discounted sales and special offers. Use our "target prices" to guide you to the best value for the money. Extra money to spend this month? Browse our "Hot Buys" category to find items you might find useful that we considered especially good buys. Be prepared for a long list of "Hot Buys" because we consider most of Harbor Freight™'s extensive inventory to be good-quality items and great values when purchased at our target prices. And have fun assembling your tools.

Harbor Freight™ Coupon Redemption Policy
Harbor Freight™ is usually very generous with their coupon redemption policy. We have had no problems at our local, Buffalo-area (New York) store. Coupons received in the mail, clipped from magazines, and printed from their websites have all been honored without incident. Of course you can't combined coupons on a single purchase, but the usual 20%-off coupon is honored even on deeply discounted sale items. Sometimes, the resulting price has been ridiculously low; usually it's just a 'sweeter deal.'

Never make a large purchase without at least using the 20%-off coupon found in several national magazines and often in newspaper inserts. And for the best savings combine this coupon with a deeply discounted sale price whenever possible.

Hidden Inventory? Ask for Help!
Sale items are sometimes difficult to locate, depending on which actual retail outlet you visit. The staff can be very help in finding that special item or checking their inventory online. A lot of the larger items don't even get shelved but remain in the back storeroom. You have to ask for them. Recently, I discovered that a 9-LED mini flashlight that has been repeatedly offered for free with a coupon is kept behind the cash register in an unmarked brown paper bag. Bad sport:(, but at least I now know the trick. At our Buffalo area stores the staff always seems busy and often difficult to track down. Nonetheless, find a "sales associate" and ask if you can't locate a sale item.

The store's current inventory can be accessed from any of their cash registers/computer terminals. It won't tell you where the item is located in the store, but it can tell you if the item is listed in the store's current inventory. If it's a hot item that you're chasing down, insist (politely but firmly if necessary) that they check their actual store inventory online. And remember that Harbor Freight outlets will usually issue rain checks for out-of-stock items.

Harbor Freight™ Warranties & Satisfaction Guarantee
Harbor Freight™ boasts the best warranty in the business for all of their hand tool lines, matching the famous Craftsman™ hand tool lifetime warranty. They also have a 30-day 100%-satisfaction guarantee whereby any product may be returned for any reason within the first month. And recently, they claim they will price-match for up to a year after your purchase. It just can't get any better than this! (These policies were accurate at the time of writing, but check their websites and their retail outlets for any changes.)

Be sure to take your purchase out-of-the-box and give it a thorough run-down during the first month. If you're not happy with the item, take it back for a full refund as per their 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Don't get stuck with an unboxed lemon that you only discover to be junk after it's sat around for several months. Try the product out; be a happy Harbor Freight™ customer and don't burn yourself by not returning items that don't live up to your expectations or at least close enough to merit purchase. And remember their lifetime warranty on all hand tools. Let us know if you have problems with them honoring this published policy.

Bottom line: Shop knowledgeably at Harbor Freight™ and you'll be a "happy camper." Check both of their websites online (i.e., Harbor Freight Tools™ AND Harbor Freight USA™) for their latest coupons (links are usually at the top or side of their home pages; look carefully). Check local newspapers for advertisements and inserts and check national magazines for coupons including the ubiquitous 20%-off coupon. Be a savvy shopper and spend money (on the best deals) to help keep them in business so that we all continue to have access to this fabulous low-cost tool outlet.


HFRev Updates 10G20

07/20/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Announcements


This announcement contains several notes regarding the Harbor Freight Reviews website and discussion forum. All readers should at least survey this and future announcements for important information.

Comments and other posts to the discussion forum now require registration. We have received a large volume of keyword spamming from unscrupulous website promoters and find it necessary to require registration for posting and to screen posts prior to publication. We are NOT exercising editorial control and will publish unaltered comments as received when they are submitted by legitimate users. Registration is not required to read the reviews and commentaries on this discussion forum. Information required for registration (i.e., user name and e-mail address) will not be used for any purpose other than registration to this discussion forum. We protect your privacy and do not share this information with anyone.

If you wish to receive notifications regarding updates to the Harbor Freight Reviews website, subscribe to the RSS feed for this category (i.e., click the "Posts" link for "Announcements"). You will also receive administrative announcements for this discussion forum, but they will be infrequent (updates are not sent for new product reviews; please check the discussion forum regularly). Announcements are issued irregularly as needed, most likely averaging less than once-per-month.

A user guide is now available for this discussion forum. It's intended to help readers navigate the discussion forum and find relevant reviews. Intelligent navigating becomes increasingly important as the number of reviews grows. Comments and suggestions are particularly welcomed regarding how to simply use of this forum.

To increase visibility of our content, most of these online reviews and some other content will be duplicated on our regular website. This is to facilitate Internet indexing of key terms that will help users locate relevant reviews. Some users may also find that medium easier to navigate. The website also offers a limited number of our test products for sale at 50% or less of their normal retail price. However, the primary site for the most recent material and for reader comments remains this discussion forum.

Finally, we continue to use Google's Adsense program for presenting advertisements on the bottom of most pages. Please do not confuse these unvetted advertisements with our own content. An example immediately follows the next paragraph.

Clicking on the links provided by Google takes you to off-site content and may collect information (like ALL Internet searches and most websites) regarding your browsing patterns. This is to enhance and target the advertisements and content to specific user interests. A simple example of this practice is your Internet browser that stores information regarding which websites you have recently visited, usually displaying them in a slightly different color on your monitor. Nonetheless, be advised that this type of 'personal' information is often collected by online advertisers and their listing services. We do NOT collect or store this type of information regarding your viewing practices on our website or discussion forum.


Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews -- Reviewers Welcomed!

02/16/09 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: HFR Forum User Guide, Announcements


Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews™. This discussion forum is provided for those who love shopping at Harbor Freight™. The forum owner will post reviews from time-to-time of items personally purchased at Harbor Freight™, helping to guide others through the good, the bad, and the do-not-buy junk that is found throughout their brick-and-mortar stores and occasionally some items sold through their online sales outlets. The purpose is to share information on the best buys and the worse buys, on the best prices, and on availability of special discount offers such as online coupons.

If you have experience with Harbor Freight™ products that you would like to share, join the discussion forum and reply to any of the commentaries (i.e., threads) already started, or send your review/comments to or to "The Professor" (e-mailed through this mail system) for initiating a new topic. Feel free to repost non-copyrighted material or links to other sites reviewing Harbor Freight™ products. The purpose here is to have fun:D providing a focal point and central repository for information about Harbor Freight™ products, and we're not really competing with the many websites that have already informative user-posted commentaries.

Most of the content of the Harbor Freight Reviews™ Discussion Forum is copyright 2009-2010 Beaux Arts USA. Many of the images reproduced for review and educational purposes are copyright Harbor Freight Tools™. Please share this information freely, but please acknowledge the source as the actual forum page, the Harbor Freight Reviews Discussion Forum, or as the parent website Enjoy and share but please be fair.

Finally, Harbor Freight Reviews™ is in no way affiliated with Harbor Freight™. We do not receive any commission from sales from them nor are we liable for the information provided here for educational purposes. We LOVE Harbor Freight, but we are also aware that shopping there can be tricky and we appreciate others sharing their experiences with us as well. And like many others, the 'blog' owner is dedicated to buying one of everything (on sale, of course) before it's 'game over' for this life cycle. Cheers and happy sa(i)lingB)!

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This review and discussion forum was created for those of us who love Harbor Freight(tm). It's well known to those who frequent the store that the prices are always cycling up and down, and most of us usually accept it as a personal challenge to get the lowest price possible. It's also well appreciated that some products at Harbor Freight are good, even very good, but that many others are also substandard, yes, even junk. This review and discussion forum is dedicated to the savvy Harbor Freight shopper and is intended to provide some guidance to the best and the worse buys. Similar products from other retailers will also be reviewed from time-to-time. Please be advised that everyone's experience is unique, and what works well (or doesn't work at all) for the reviewers here may or may not suit your personal needs. With this caveat and with notification that Harbor Freight Reviews assumes no liability for the accuracy of information provided here for educational purposes, enjoy the forum and good 'sa(i)ling' at Harbor Freight!


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