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33 Ft. Fiberglass Wire Running Kit (#65326 )

07/16/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hand Tools, Hot Buys, Electrical

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Wire Running Rods
Item: 3/16" x 33 Ft. Fiberglass Wire Running Kit
Item number: 65326
Regular price: $14.99
Target price: $9.99 (with coupon)
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Even at the regular retail price of $14.99, this item is a great buy. But wait, it gets even better: quite often this item is placed on sale (sometimes with a coupon) for only $9.99. And the very first time it saves you from cutting and re-plastering a wall or ceiling for a simple electrical project, it was well worth even the full retail price!

This set consists of 10 39" fiberglass rods that give you a total of 33 feet of poking, probing, and running electrical wires through ceilings, walls, and floors. The non-conductive material is a must for traversing areas that may contain live electrical wires. Each fiberglass section has brass threaded connections for attaching to additional sections. The set also contains special hook and probe ends. It even includes a storage case.

This set competes admirable with sets selling for triple this price. Expect to see a few professional electricians savings lots of money on buying this inexpensive but durable wire-running set. Relax, this item is almost always in-stock at local Harbor Freight outlets.

FYI: This type of fiberglass electrical wiring-running set has supplanted the old fish tape for most electrical work. Professional electricians prefer it, and it's much easy to work with for most applications.

You will probably find other uses for these rods connected to various lengths. Let your ingenuity guide its use. Although not recommended for fishing, it can also be used to prod snakes, muskrats, and other varmints from the yard.;D

Bottom line: An almost must have item for not only running electrical wires but for other ingenious uses around the home and shop. Harbor Freight clearly beats all competition on this item with quality comparable to other big-box retailers.

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