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18" Pet Stake

08/13/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hot Buys, Outdoor Living, MoHo/RV, Product Safety Warnings, Novel Uses

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Pet Stake
Item: 18" Pet Stake
Item number: 95489
Retail price: $2.99
Frequent sale price: $1.99
Target price: $1.99
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As the reviews for some of our favorite and least favorite products from Harbor Freight are starting to stack up, Sasha just reminded me that I should include a sample of Harbor Freight's selection for your pets (she prefers the term "little friends"). So, need a quick pet screw, ah, pet stake? Check out this little item for your pet from Harbor Freight. This 18" pet stake provides a solid anchor for your pet's lead and is complete with a swivel ring which permits 360-degree runs without tangling. Simply screw it into the ground, attach a 15' or so lead/line (click here to view our review of Harbor Freight's 15 ft. heavy-duty pet tie-out), and you're free for a few moments repose. (Did we need to tell you to attach your harnessed pet to the lead?)

Advisory: Consider keeping your pet's lead at around 15 - 20'. Shorter leads do not provide sufficient movement and longer leads can lead to trouble (Oops, that one just slipped in or was it out? ;)). Not only do the longer leads permit roaming larger areas unsupervised (with more things to get into trouble with like wondering pets, people, and other edibles), but they also permit stronger force to be exerted on the ground screw should your pet begin chasing a squirrel from near the center position (i.e., a longer 'run-out' before the lead 'snaps'). The greater force increases the chance that your Siberian Husky may be able to dislodge the stake from the ground and continue his/her chase into the woods. Also, if your pet is a chewer, be sure to use a lead/line which is chew resistant so that they can't quickly bite their way through the lead. Lastly, strongly consider using a harness instead of a collar -- a harness is a more solid restraint which also causes less stress to your pet when they're tugging away; definitely avoid the choker-style collar that could cause serious injury should your pet have a long run before being 'snapped' back into obedience.

This pet stake is particularly useful for RVers and those who seek a little R & R in public parks that will need to limit the range of their pets. Obviously don't leave your pet unattended. This is simply to prevent your pet from darting off after the next rabbit while you enjoy a sandwich or just a few leisurely moments. And although most of us may use this infrequently, it's a pleasure to have on-hand when needed. We keep one in our MoHo and another in our van for those unexpected rest stops while traveling.

Hint: I also carry a 'real' climbing carabiner (rated at 3,000 lbs.) for attaching Sasha's lead to nearby solid objects or to my belt when we're out. It permits me to work hands-free while enjoying her company. Don't use the cheap models for restraining your medium- to large-size pet; even a small dog can exert a lot of force when they've gained some momentum before reaching the extent of their run.

Bottom line: A must have item for pet owners priced right at Harbor Freight. At our low target price, buy one for each vehicle and be prepared for those impromptu roadside breaks while traveling.


OK, need a novel use for this item? This use is so obvious that I hardy consider it "novel," but if the obvious hasn't occurred to you, consider the following use.

These 18" pet stakes make excellent "tent stakes" for soft soil or sand. Similar to the ice screws used in winter mountaineering (a former hobby of mine from my younger years), these screws (AKA "stakes") hold much, much better is soft, unstable material such as loose soil. They will also hold better in firm, clay soil but that is usually overkill.

I've had my eye on one of Harbor Freight's greenhouses for a while now, but the Buffalo winds do blow strong and I've been afraid that the greenhouse will end up in the neighbors yard and their attorney will be visiting me with a lawsuit. If I do eventually purchase a greenhouse, you can bet it will be anchored with one of these stakes on each of its four corners even though the soil here is a firm clay-type. Ditto their canopy and other types of makeshift dwellings that can act like sails in high winds. Of course you could just by one of their canopy anchor sets instead. It would be interesting to put these two styles to the test to see which hold the best. In ice climbing, the ice screw dominated (25 years ago) for ice and hard-packed snow but the blade-style anchor was used more often in loose-packed snow. My guess is that the screw style will penetrate hard-packed soil easier than the blade-style canopy anchor and that the screw will sort of 'thread' itself into the ground. The blade style would most likely win in sand or very loose soil.

One last thought on the style comparison: The pet stakes should provide some holding power even if they only partially penetrate the ground, whereas the other blade-style anchors are probably much more difficult to place in hard-packed ground. Therefore, if I add a canopy for our traveling show (AKA on-site sales venues) I will be using the pet stakes as tent stakes not the canopy anchors. Please don't leave your pet attached to my canopy unattended.

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