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Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool

08/29/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Hot Buys, Power Tools

Link: http://HarborFreightReviews.com/HFRreviews.html

Multifunction Power Tool
Item: Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool
Item number: 67256
Retail price: $59.99
Frequent sale price: $39.99 (with coupon)
Best price: $29.99 (special 3-day sale)
Target price: $34.99 (with coupon)
Item Link

This is another review that we're posting too early, before we've had a chance to really evaluate the tool. But because one of our main purposes here at Harbor Freight Reviews is to help our readers save money and to get the maximum bang-for-the-buck possible and because this item is currently available at its rock bottom lowest price, we're posting this "review" primarily as a price advisory. Be aware that Harbor Freight currently has three or more different coupons valid for this item, selling it for at least three difference prices. If you're an experienced Harbor Freight shopper or have read our Notes for the Novice Shopper: Everything has Three Prices commentary you already know that this is standard practice at Harbor Freight. We love'm, but they do make shopping a challenge for us 'maximizers' who strive to get the lowest price ever possible for each item.

Harbor Freight is currently offering this tool during their 3-day tent sale for $29.99; hurry, the sale lasts through 29 August (hence our hasty post). You should be able to combine this 3-day sale price with a 20%-off coupon grabbing this tool for only $23.99. The next best price is $34.99 at their retail outlets with a coupon which has been sent out in a flier and which is also available online here (valid through 16 September). Any of these three prices get you a great deal on this fine tool. They are also selling this tool with a $39.99 coupon to the unwary.

Other online reviews and comments are generally very favorable for this tool. It does perform an amazing array of tasks with the various attachments included or available for purchase from Harbor Freight. We've only used the semicircular cutting attachment so far to cut through thick, hard nylon. We had to make deep cuts recessed into the piece and the tool performed this task well which would have been impossible with most any other tool.

This multifunction tool packs quite a bit of power in a small package, so you should expect some vibration and heating as you power through your project. Take breaks frequently while working, not just for yourself to recover from the vibration and hand fatigue but also for the tool to cool down a bit. Keep your hand away from the air vents in the front of the tool which are necessary to dissipate the heat generated by its motor. And of course keep your fingers and other body parts away from the working end -- it does cut very well.

Oscillating tools such as this multifunction tool oscillate and that produces a lot more vibration that what you get with most hand-held power tools. Be careful to take frequent breaks to avoid stress injuries while working with the tool. And as noted above, the tool likes an occasional break too.

OK, we're just beginning to test out this tool and we even have more to say that time permits now, but the sale is ending soon so we have to post our comments. (The 3-day tent sale ends 29 August, but the coupon is valid through 16 September albeit the tool cost more then.) Harbor Freight allows customers to return items within 30 days of purchase and we should have further tests completed and posted by then. If not, well, you're performing your own tests with this tool and they are usually the most reliable opinion for your purposes.

Bottom line: Get them while their hot (oh, a very bad pun if you've read our review :roll:) at their best ever price. Harbor Freight's oscillating multifunction tool is a must have item for all home workshops.


Air Tool Accessory Kit

08/25/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Air Tools, Hot Buys

Link: http://HarborFreightReviews.com/HFRreviews.html

Air Accessory Kit
Item: Air Tools Accessory Kit
Item number: 42716
Retail price: $9.99
Target price: $7.99 (with 20%-off coupon if necessary)
Item Link

Most air compressors out-of-the-box contain nothing to get you started except the compressor itself. You'll need several other parts to make your new air compressor useful. We recommend that you start with one of the air accessory kits offered by Harbor Freight. Our selection of the particular product reviewed here is based on our intended uses and still leaves you without a necessary air hose. You might consider one of the other kits (e.g., 20-Piece Air Compressor Starter Kit; retail price: $14.99) which includes a coiled hose if your intended use differs for your air compressor. (See below for a brief description of how we use our air compressors.) For most purposes we suggest this air tool accessory kit combined with one of Harbor Freight's 25- or 50-ft rubber hoses.

There are always exceptions: We generally recommend buying this air tool accessory kit and adding a 25- or 50-ft rubber hose for most users. However, if you are buying a lightweight, hand-carried air compressor you may want to purchase an air tool accessory kit that includes a coiled air hose (e.g., 20-Piece Air Compressor Starter Kit). We don't use a coiled air hose very often, but there are a few situations where we find it very useful. (Note that the kits including a coiled hose do not include some of the 'odd' pieces included in this air tool accessory kit which you may find later that you need, and they include fewer quick couplers.)

We have a small, hand-carried (very) portable air compressor that we use for inflating bicycle tires and for blasting debris and dust at various locations. The coiled air hose works great for these applications. We also find the coiled hose useful when we combine it with our air manifold that has several outlets on our larger, medium-sized air compressor. Here we frequently use the coiled air hose with an air gun for blowing debris and dust from bench tools located near our main air compressor.

FYI: Coiled air hoses generally wear out much faster and are subject to damage much easier than are rubber air hoses.

With this sit you receive 4 male quick couplers. Two will be used immediately on your air chuck and on your blow gun, and that leaves only two for your other air tools. The quick release coupler attaches to your air compressor output line. The female quick coupler, 1/4" nipples, and other couplings are likely to remain in your toolbox for a while until you have special needs for them. You could just purchase the couplings (e.g., 5-Piece Solid Brass Quick Coupler Set; retail price: $4.99) but the air blower is very useful and the air chuck a necessity, so you would mostly likely find yourself later purchasing them separately at an increased cost. Moreover, we found use for some of the other 'odd' pieces immediately with our air tools and would have to had paid a couple of dollars each for the other pieces. All-in-all, investing in this low-cost air accessory kit was the right choice for us to get started as we feel it will be for most other novice users. Not only is it likely to save money in the long run (compared with buying each component or set of specific parts separately) but more importantly it saves frustrating trips to the hardware store when we would have been 'short' that one 'odd' little piece to get our tool running.

FYI the obvious or the not-so-obvious if you haven't purchased your first air tool yet: Most air tools come with 1/4" NPT connections and do not have quick coupler fittings or other necessary connectors included. You need to purchase these separately and this kit gets you started with four of these quick couplers. When you need more purchase them in small packages not individually. You'll find that you need more and more as you increase the number of air tools that you use.

Some online reviewers have complained about this set, but we like it for getting you started in the world of air tools or for purchase with your first air compressor. This kit contains the components which are an absolute must for getting started; the complaints have been mainly about the air flow rate through the quick couplers (see below) and are most likely from people who use their air tools more 'seriously' that we do for our applications.

It's all relative and here's our point of reference: We do not use air tools on a regular basis, except perhaps for our blow guns. We do not usually disconnect and connect several tools daily nor even use our air compressor every day. On a busy day with our compressor we only swap air tools several times, and busy days are likely to occur only once or twice each month. Of course on occasion we have used our air tools throughout the day for several successive days; we have tackled a few bigger projects requiring this more serious type of use. But our normal pattern of compressor use is irregular and sporadic, with only several uses each month. Our evaluations are based on this type of use, not sustained regular use of these products. Be advised that professional use may require higher-quality products than those reviewed here. We occasionally use air tools such as our high-speed air cutter, air hammer, die grinder, impact wrench, and air socket. We don't use a paint gun or a sand blaster. We have fun and we save a lot of time on projects for which we use our air tools, but we don't do regular, professional work with an air compressor nor have we tested any of these products under these conditions.

You can purchase different air couplers that are rated for high air flow (i.e., 4-Piece Hi-Flo Male Plug Set; retail price: $2.99). They have a larger internal diameter than do the standard couplers included in this set and the quick couplers used by many (most?) people. These high-flow air couplers permit higher levels of air flow to your air tool thus increasing its power. However, we find that for our uses the standard couplers work just fine. In fact, we have a medium-sized compressor that runs out of high-pressure air long before we might have problems with its rate of air delivery influenced by any constriction in our air line. In other words, our compressor can't really handle the sustained high air flow that some tools require and that the high-flow couplers are designed to permit. So who cares? The standard couplers work quite well for us.

How much would you like to pay? Amazon (who has consistently been beating eBay on prices for new items) sells a very similar accessory kit for $29.99 marked down from a list price of $44.99. You do get a case for that price, but most of the items in our air tool accessory kit are being used around the shop, so the case would pretty much be empty. At our target price, the equivalent item from Harbor Freight is less than a third of the price at Amazon! Click here to view the product sold by Amazon.

FYI: We like Amazon and have bought lots of items from them over the years. We recommend them for many other products, but they just can't touch Harbor Freight's prices.

As you build your arsenal of air tools you will quickly need additional quick couplers. For your next purchase, we recommend you do invest in a set of high-flow male connectors (i.e., 4-Piece Hi-Flo Male Plug Set; retail price: $2.99). The price is great and you might as well invest in the higher flow rate just in case it does eventually make a difference. Of course to make full use of the high-flow connectors you would need to also purchase high-flow female connectors too (i.e., 2-Piece Brass Hi-Flo Female Air Coupler Set; retail price: $4.99). Be forewarned that some users have reported problems with the female couplers failing and you may need to invest in a more expensive female coupler purchased elsewhere.

Bottom line: This low-priced air accessory kit from Harbor Freight is one of several possibilities for getting you started with your new compressor. Don't leave the shop without it or without a similar accessory kit, or you'll find that the only thing your new air compressor does is blow air in the garage.


Air Blow Gun with 2-ft. Extension

08/25/10 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: Air Tools, Hot Buys

Link: http://HarborFreightReviews.com/HFRreviews.html

Air Blow Gun with Extension
Item: Air Blow Gun with 2-ft. Extension
Item number: 35226
Retail price: $4.99
Frequent sale price: $2.99
Target price: $2.99
Best price: $1.99
Item Link

OK, I've used these long wands for cleaning automotive engines and other items with steam and even water, but I just didn't envision air being able to perform the same task. So why the long wand? Well, for cleaning things you wouldn't use steam or water to clean.:)) OK, that's a really obvious come-back, but seriously, what's this good for?

For most of our uses here at Harbor Freight Reviews this is simply a type of high-pressure air sweeper. Not a vacuum -- it blows the dust and debris out not sucks it up. We use it to clean the air handler filters on our HVAC, we blow away the saw dust from our compound sliding miter saw, bench sander, drill press, and other tools, and we reach those hard to sweep nooks and crannies throughout our shop. It's very good for work below your waist ;) -- getting the blow below your knees, thus saving you from bending over to reach low objects that need cleaning. In other words, getting the air to where you want it with minimal effort.

In our first edition of this product review, we're not going to elaborate on all the places where you might find this tool useful. Suffice it to say, try it at our target price and you'll probably find lots of uses around your own home or shop. We did and we only bought it originally because it was on sale very, very cheap at its best price.

Like all of your powerful long tools, enjoy using it but use it wisely. Remember that this tool is operating at a high air pressure that can not only dislodge particles that your vacuum cleaner can't suck but also propel some debris into the air. We are careful to set-back the air-pressure regulator on the compressor appropriately whenever cleaning filters and mindful of possible blow-back from injecting air into our various 'nooks and crannies.'

Bottom line: A useful tool at the right price and our target price is right. This is a good buy-it-to-try-it tool for anyone with an air compressor in their shop or garage.


Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews -- Reviewers Welcomed!

02/16/09 | by theprofessor [mail] | Categories: HFR Forum User Guide, Announcements

Link: http://HarborFreightReviews.com

Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews™. This discussion forum is provided for those who love shopping at Harbor Freight™. The forum owner will post reviews from time-to-time of items personally purchased at Harbor Freight™, helping to guide others through the good, the bad, and the do-not-buy junk that is found throughout their brick-and-mortar stores and occasionally some items sold through their online sales outlets. The purpose is to share information on the best buys and the worse buys, on the best prices, and on availability of special discount offers such as online coupons.

If you have experience with Harbor Freight™ products that you would like to share, join the discussion forum and reply to any of the commentaries (i.e., threads) already started, or send your review/comments to info@HarborFreightReviews.com or to "The Professor" (e-mailed through this mail system) for initiating a new topic. Feel free to repost non-copyrighted material or links to other sites reviewing Harbor Freight™ products. The purpose here is to have fun:D providing a focal point and central repository for information about Harbor Freight™ products, and we're not really competing with the many websites that have already informative user-posted commentaries.

Most of the content of the Harbor Freight Reviews™ Discussion Forum is copyright 2009-2010 Beaux Arts USA. Many of the images reproduced for review and educational purposes are copyright Harbor Freight Tools™. Please share this information freely, but please acknowledge the source as the actual forum page, the Harbor Freight Reviews Discussion Forum, or as the parent website HarborFreightReviews.com. Enjoy and share but please be fair.

Finally, Harbor Freight Reviews™ is in no way affiliated with Harbor Freight™. We do not receive any commission from sales from them nor are we liable for the information provided here for educational purposes. We LOVE Harbor Freight, but we are also aware that shopping there can be tricky and we appreciate others sharing their experiences with us as well. And like many others, the 'blog' owner is dedicated to buying one of everything (on sale, of course) before it's 'game over' for this life cycle. Cheers and happy sa(i)lingB)!

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