Air Impact Hammer #92037

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Air Impact Hammer
Item: Air Impact Hammer
Item number: 92037
Retail price: $9.99
Frequent sale price: $6.99 (without chisels)
Target price: $8.99 (including chisels)
Best price: $5.99 (including chisels with coupon)
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Not exactly industrial quality, but at $5.99 how can you loose with an air tool that actually works? This air impact hammer pounds away, chipping and churping chips and the occasional chuck of brick, motar, or even concrete. Runs well with a medium size air compressor, although for only a minute or so before requiring time to rebuild air pressure in the tank (or make sure your compressor can sustain the nominal 90 PSI at a minimum of 4 CFM) -- Harbor Freight's $99 model can't sustain the action long without a short break to reload the air tank. And oh yes, it is probably useful for the metal work for which it is actually intended (see below) according to their description.

Instructions are minimal, but assembly and operation are easy once you understand the principle. The chisel inserts into the air hammer and the spring/spiral retainer is threaded onto the body. Add a few drops of air tool oil and you're off and running. Spending a minute to clean up and oil the retainer and its connection on the tool is worth the investment for smooth operation.

Important pricing note: Last year this item was regularly selling at the target price with the full 5-tool complement. The cost ("regular sale price") has been kept down but at a loss of three of the five chisels). Expect to pay as much for the 5-chisel replacement set as for this tool, but then if you're going to wear out the chisels with regular use this is a do-not-buy item (unlikely to hold up to sustained use).

Note that the 3" high speed air cutter (ASIN 47077) is a much more effective tool for the removal of rusted bolts and most other metal parts and has the advantage of doubling as a cutter for various other materials as well. Usually selling (on "sale") for around the same price, if you can only afford one of these two tools then buy the air cutter. But then if you could only afford one of these two tools selling for around $5.99, you couldn't afford the air compressor required to use them!

Bottom Line: Not top quality but adds some impressive weight to the tool box. A good buy for those not requiring this tool often or for sustained work. (I own two of these.) Happy Hammering!


Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews -- Reviewers Welcomed!

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Welcome to Harbor Freight Reviews™. This discussion forum is provided for those who love shopping at Harbor Freight™. The forum owner will post reviews from time-to-time of items personally purchased at Harbor Freight™, helping to guide others through the good, the bad, and the do-not-buy junk that is found throughout their brick-and-mortar stores and occasionally some items sold through their online sales outlets. The purpose is to share information on the best buys and the worse buys, on the best prices, and on availability of special discount offers such as online coupons.

If you have experience with Harbor Freight™ products that you would like to share, join the discussion forum and reply to any of the commentaries (i.e., threads) already started, or send your review/comments to or to "The Professor" (e-mailed through this mail system) for initiating a new topic. Feel free to repost non-copyrighted material or links to other sites reviewing Harbor Freight™ products. The purpose here is to have fun:D providing a focal point and central repository for information about Harbor Freight™ products, and we're not really competing with the many websites that have already informative user-posted commentaries.

Most of the content of the Harbor Freight Reviews™ Discussion Forum is copyright 2009-2010 Beaux Arts USA. Many of the images reproduced for review and educational purposes are copyright Harbor Freight Tools™. Please share this information freely, but please acknowledge the source as the actual forum page, the Harbor Freight Reviews Discussion Forum, or as the parent website Enjoy and share but please be fair.

Finally, Harbor Freight Reviews™ is in no way affiliated with Harbor Freight™. We do not receive any commission from sales from them nor are we liable for the information provided here for educational purposes. We LOVE Harbor Freight, but we are also aware that shopping there can be tricky and we appreciate others sharing their experiences with us as well. And like many others, the 'blog' owner is dedicated to buying one of everything (on sale, of course) before it's 'game over' for this life cycle. Cheers and happy sa(i)lingB)!


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This review and discussion forum was created for those of us who love Harbor Freight(tm). It's well known to those who frequent the store that the prices are always cycling up and down, and most of us usually accept it as a personal challenge to get the lowest price possible. It's also well appreciated that some products at Harbor Freight are good, even very good, but that many others are also substandard, yes, even junk. This review and discussion forum is dedicated to the savvy Harbor Freight shopper and is intended to provide some guidance to the best and the worse buys. Similar products from other retailers will also be reviewed from time-to-time. Please be advised that everyone's experience is unique, and what works well (or doesn't work at all) for the reviewers here may or may not suit your personal needs. With this caveat and with notification that Harbor Freight Reviews assumes no liability for the accuracy of information provided here for educational purposes, enjoy the forum and good 'sa(i)ling' at Harbor Freight!


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