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In response to: World University Rankings: Where does UB stand, or not?

Jean [Visitor]
@Frog: All of this quantitative stuff is irrelevant if you join the UB Believers. It's a faith-based project. Get with the program! Drink the Koolaid!
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In response to: University degrees to be signed by a bureaucrat?

theprofessor [Member]
I appreciate the many supportive e-mails that I've received privately, and I do appreciate your desire to remain anonymous for fear of retaliatory action by the administration. I obviously decided, however, to step forward and if necessary take the heat (Somebody's got to do it!). I'm from the "no pain, no gain" generation, and I do realize that my outspoken position on this issue is most likely to prompt the administration to hold back my merit pay raise for the 24th year straight. Nonetheless, I plan on submitting this work as part of my "university service" in my Annual Report for the year (It was rather time consuming and emotionally draining.).

For the record: After asking President Simpson what was NOT intended to be an embarrassing question at a Faculty Senate meeting in 2006, I was characterized by the UB Reporter as not appreciating the role of research in undergraduate education and through implication as never having conducted scientific research myself. To the contrary, my last biomedical research grant ranked 12th and 14th highest for this institution (by the Sponsored Programs Administration records) before I put myself on sabbatical after my request was stonewalled by a former chairman of my department. (After 15+ years post-graduate research and undergraduate teaching, I needed a 'break' from teaching and other academic responsibilities to 'catch-up' like many of my colleagues enjoy every 6 or 7 years.) My work now focuses on theory development, drug-regulation policy, and addiction technology transfer as I carry a 5-course undergraduate teaching load at UB. I also have substantial interest in the study of terrorism and the development of more effective counter-terrorist strategies. My contributions in all of these areas continue to enjoy considerable popularity outside the Buffalo community (i.e, make a small contribution to projecting UB into national and international prominence in my areas of expertise). For example, the third hit out of 22,700,000 Google listings for "drug classification" is a page on my one of my websites B) Addiction Science Network (of course the numeric ranking changes constantly).
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