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Newly Added Recommendations


Some of the 'hot buys' along with best prices and reviews are provided so help the savy shopper stock-up their shop. "Hot buys" emphasize the best bang-for-the-buck items, inexpensive tools that do their job. Be sure to also check our link to "The Junk " to see a few do-not-buy at any price items. And, of course, the Harbor Freight Reviews Discussion Forum contains the latest reviews and as well as comments from other users. Feeds for RSS are available for automatic notification of updated reviews.

Note: Product images displayed here are copyright Harbor Freight Tools USA and are reproduced strickly for educational purposes.

33' Fiberglas Rod Wire Running Kit


This is one really long stick (fortunately in 39" sections) that's great for pulling wires through ceilings, walls and floors. It also makes a good snake prod or gopher poker. The Harbor Freight price can't be beat anywhere for a surprisingly good-quality tool. Click here for the review.

Clip-On Air Chuck


A must have item if you frequently inflate tires on your bicycle or other vehicle. Read the full review here to see how useful this little add-on can really be for the cyclist wishing a smooth ride.

Adirondak Chair


A great buy if you have time to assemble and paint or stain it. And, of course, if you can find it! Read the full review here. Be ware of the typical misaligned Chinese holes, but appreciate the exceptionally low price when found on sale.

6-Piece Brass Quick-Coupler Set for Garden Hose


This quick-coupler set for your garden hose is a must have accessories for those who are frequently changing hose attachments or are adding extension hoses. Buy several when you find it on sale--you'll use them and probably want more. Click here for the review.

32-Piece Screwdriver Set


Think you already have enough screwdrivers? Well, this little set is worth adding to anyone's collection. It covers most commonly used screw heads and comes complete with a plastic case. Click here to read the review.

3.5-Hp Craftsman Electric Chainsaw


This high quality Craftsman chainsaw can often be found for a price that rivals Harbor Freight's normally lowest prices. Click here to read why you should jump ship on this item and not even consider anything else.

Previous "Hot Buy" Recommendations


These items reviewed earlier remain on our "Hot Buy" list. They just got bumped down a notch below the "Newly Added Recommendations" to make perusing easier for those who frequent our website. Also be sure to check our Product Review Section directly for other items that are good buys but not on our "Hot Buy" list and see our listings of "The Junk"  for recommendations on what to steer clear of unless you're supporting Harbor Freight as a charity and need something more for your rubbish pile (in our humble opinion).

Air Impact Hammer


A good buy from Harbor Freight. Read the review here .

High Speed Air Cutter


A great buy from Harbor Freight, read the review here .

Portable Air Compressor


A "best buy" for a medium-duty (AKA "portable") air compressor. Click here for the review.

5-Piece 12" File Set


A good buy for an extra set of files to leave in a handy spot. Read the review here .